Where would you like to go on your bicycle?

learn how to ride like the Dutch, and have the best Bike experience as Expat in Amsterdam


This is how it works


Step 1 Choose your bike

that fits best for you

Step 2 Enjoy your rides

get lessons to feel more comfortable in traffic

Step 3 Get service at home or work

at moments that you select

Step 4 Get your bike collected

when your next assignment is there


Some of the bicycles you can select from

BicycleMan has a wide range of bicycles, there is always one that fits best for you

Riding in Style

Go for classic Dutch

Go cruising the Amsterdam city


What BicycleMan can do for you


Get your bicycle

Just like the locals, adopt biking as your main form of transportation. Choose a new, fully serviced bicycle and cycle through Amsterdam comfortably, safely and in style.

Freedom to commute

As being fresh and new to Amsterdam, for the local culture it’s the right of passage. For you the best way to meet friends, go to work or just have a splendid ride. Living healthy and affecting the environment right away.

Clear pricing

Riding your bike for a fixed amount per month, fully serviced and insured. This as a carefree experience, not having to worry about your bicycle when you arrive or eventually leave for your next assignment.

Traffic is unpredictable

Best navigate the streets to increase awareness of every other vehicle on the road. Removes the barriers to become an everyday rider. It's good to feel safe riding to work, school or where ever you may go.

Schedule your service

Moving to a new place means organizing loads of things. So when it comes to managing your time, you are in the lead to schedule the service when it fits your agenda, so no time wasted.

Keep the feeling of riding a new bicycle

As you ride your bicycle through the city, even the quality bicycles needs regular service. BicycleMan visits you at your home or work address to keep the experience of riding a new bike.


Cycling should be as easy as possible, so are our models

BicycleMan has 4 models, so you can choose what is best for you

Please read how others have experienced this;

I am Sandra, and I moved to Amsterdam with my husband and two children and it took us so long to find bicycles because we were surprised how expensive bikes are in Holland! We ended up buying my daughter a bike that was much bigger than what she needed so that she would be able to grow into it, as we did not want to have to make such a huge investment on a bigger bike as she grew older. This was a bit silly, because she did not feel safe on her new bike, so we had to buy her a smaller bike and spend even more money! This all changed when we met Bicycleman, as it has a program where we can subscribe for bikes and can renew this with another bike as the children grow older and bigger. My first very good experience with Bicycleman was when I took my son to football on the back of my bicycle and had to adjust the rear chair position (football shoes can get tangled into the back wheel, which can be dangerous). I called Bicycleman to find out how to adjust the position and a representative came over in 15 minutes to set things up. I am now sure that I can safely take my son to football and I know that Bicycleman is there for me if I run into any trouble!

This website is still under construction, when ready, it will pass on an extraordinary experience.